Last Wednesday, standing in solidarity with students and members of UPTE and CNA, we sent a clear message to the UC Regents meeting in San Diego. Chanting, “Whose University? Our University!” to close the public comment section of the meeting.

UC President Janet Napolitano and the Regents heard from various students and 3299 members about the injustices contract workers face, most of whom are immigrants. Even though Napolitano is positioning herself as a champion of immigrants, UC is yet to prove it with action as they’ve refused to hire the ABM Valet workers at UCLA.

The Valet drivers, hired by ABM, are now facing an uncertain future due to UC’s unwillingness to hire all eighty workers as full time career workers. Many of the valets have worked full-time at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center for years— earning just a fraction of the wages and benefits most of us earn.

“What I’m hearing about today is the exploitation of immigrant workers at UC—immigrants being condemned to a life of second class status,” pointed out Liz Perlman, Executive Director of AFSCME 3299, “Condemning immigrant parents to poverty while claiming to support their children? You can’t have it both ways, Janet.”

Meanwhile, over a hundred UCSD 3299 members and UC students from across the state picketed outside of Regents meeting. United, we reminded UC that they have three outstanding contracts—3299, UPTE and CNA’s— and we will not allow them to scam us out of a secure retirement, we will protect our pension, and our job security.

SB 574 passes the legislature!

This past week, the Legislature cast its final vote, passing SB 574 with a 26 to 11 vote. The bill, which will prevent contractors from undercutting our wages and benefits, is now off to the Governor Brown’s desk.

But, the struggle for equal pay for equal work at UC is FAR from over.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Join PEOPLE MVP. Our bill wouldn’t have gone this far without all of the members who give to our PEOPLE program. Talk to your organizer about how you can become a PEOPLE MVP member today!
2. Tell the Governor you Support SB 574. Reach out to your MAT leader or Organizer to fill out a postcard in support of SB 574. We’ll be delivering thousands of postcards from all across the state to the Governor this coming Friday, September 22nd.

ICYMI: UC Regents Give Raises to Eight Chancellors

The University of California Board of Regents has approved 3 percent raises for eight of their 10 chancellors. Samuel Hawgoo, Chancellor of UC San Francisco, was the highest paid chancellor to receive a raise. His salary will increase from $796,675 to $819,545 a year.
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AFSCME provides $2,000 scholarships to high school seniors whose parents are full dues-paying members. The scholarship renews each year for a maximum of four years, provided the student remains enrolled in a full-time course of study. The scholarship may be used for any field of study.

To be eligible, you must:
1. Be a graduating high school senior whose parent, legal guardian or financially responsible grandparent is a full dues-paying AFSCME member.
2. At the time the scholarship is awarded, be enrolled in a full-time degree program either at an accredited four-year institution or at a two-year institution that will transfer credits to a four-year institution.
3. Have taken the SAT or the ACT.

How to Apply:
To apply, you must meet all eligibility requirements as identified above. Make sure your complete application, with all support documentation (essay, transcripts, letters of recommendations, SAT or ACT scores, proof of AFSCME membership, etc.), is mailed together in one envelope, POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31, to:

AFSCME Family Scholarship Program
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2017 Executive Board Nominations Now Open.

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Nomination Instructions | Nominations Form

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