Over the last several years AFSCME 3299 has won historic contract language that limits UC’s ability to outsource our jobs to low wage contractors.  Equally important, we forced UC to agree to bring long-term contract workers in-house as union-represented employees.

Together with allies across California, we’ve also fought for and won legislation prohibiting UC from outsourcing our jobs as the university grows, renovates and builds new facilities.

As a result, today our union represents more than 29,000 UC employees.  That’s 7,000–or almost 33% MORE than we did less than a decade ago.  And that means MORE bargaining power for every single AFSCME 3299 member.

As we continue pushing UC  for more transparency  and full compliance with our contract,  we fought this year for state budget trailer language to strengthen existing prohibitions on outsourcing of our work in state funded UC buildings.

Unfortunately, we learned this week that the State Senate led by Pro-Tem Toni Atkins caved to a relentless pressure campaign from UC Administrators, Regents and Donors and removed our language from this year’s budget.

So what happens now?  .

  • We’ll keep fighting to hold UC accountable on outsourcing – at work, the Legislature, the courts and beyond.
  • We’ll hold Senators accountable that caved to UC’s pressure. 2022 is an election year.
  • We will continue to push for our other major legislative priority: AB 237 protecting our right to healthcare during a strike!

THANK YOU:  to all our members and supporters who’ve worked so hard for so many years to protect AFSCME 3299 represented UC jobs.  The historic growth of our union is a testament to the progress we’ve made together.  And it’s why we can and will keep fighting—to ensure that UC is fully meeting its responsibilities under our contract and under the law.

In Solidarity,

AFSCME Local 3299