A publication of AFSCME Local 3299
Week of October 10, 2011

Gov. Brown Signs 3299 Bill- Protects Right To Strike

SACRAMENTO— Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 857 which protects workers who are forced to go on strike. In 2008, Local 3299 went on strike to win one of the strongest contracts in UC’s history. UC saw a huge opportunity to cash in. UC exploited a vehemently anti-labor Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) that was pushing to strip away fundamental rights of workers. The suit filed against low-wage workers is full of frivolous claims and seeks millions of dollars in compensation. Sen. Ted Lieu authored SB 857 Fair Strike Damages, the bill protects public workers from this type of abusive action that seeks to bankrupt unions. “SB 857 protects every public employee in California from attacks on our right to strike,” said Rik Sandoval, UCSF Cook. “Gov. Brown’s signature means that our workers save millions of dollars in false claims.” The new law strips PERB’s authority to award strike damages in the 2008 case. The UC sought to recover upwards to $14 million dollars from both AFSCME and the California Nurses Association in strike damage awards.

Working Group for the Future of Higher Education

Lakesha Harrison, LVN Nurse, UCLA
President, AFSCME Local 3299

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom appointed me to serve on California’s Working Group for the Future of Higher Education. At our first meeting Committee members learned how shrinking state funds are crippling a system that was once upheld as the beacon of opportunity for every California student making the grade. I explained to fellow Appointees that my goal was to make sure that all solutions put workers and students first. I told Committee members that tens of thousands of UC employees and their family’s lives hang by a thread as top executives balance budgets on the backs of struggling workers while Republican legislators block efforts for new revenues. Committee members are charged with helping to find revenues. In other words, we need to find a way to tax the wealthy to support higher education. I believe it is time for the wealthiest Californians to pay their fair share. Californians need to close corporate tax loopholes that allow multi-national corporations and Wall Street bankers to game the system. If the state continues to cut public higher education California will fall short of one million college graduates by 2025— crippling our economy and charting an ominous future for our children. Can you image one million more students coming through UC’s doors? That means frontline workers are needed now more than ever to ensure that student services and patient care is delivered with the highest quality. I will continue advocate that California’s wealthiest pay their fair share and corporations are held accountable. As the work of the Committee progresses I will keep you updated.

3299 Members Hold Candidates Accountable

OAKLAND — Local 3299 will host candidate townhall meetings throughout the state beginning October 25th in Orange County. Members will have the opportunity to meet and talk with state senate, assembly and congressional candidates about the issues that matter most to UC workers. “We’re working hard to make sure politicians are accountable to workers and the communities they serve,” said Gail Price, Secretary Treasurer of AFSCME 3299.