Victory at Aggie Square Sets New Standards in Sacramento! 

We fought and won economic and environmental standards at Aggie Square. This victory is possible because of the dedication and hard work of 3299’s UC Davis members who showed up to actions and spoke out at UC Regent meetings.

The City of Sacramento and UC Davis have agreed to:

  • A $5 Million housing fund that will provide rental and down payment assistance to low and moderate income UC Davis workers who live in the surrounding neighborhoods impacted by gentrification.
  • Service work, including the vast majority of custodial and food service work, performed at Aggie Square will be carried out exclusively by UC workers. All service workers will be paid equal pay for equal work.
  • Free Transit passes for UC service workers who will be employed on site to reduce traffic congestion,
  • UC will install air quality monitors, plant fruit trees and meet or exceed state environmental standards at the development.
Jasmine Tobin, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

“ When we first began this fight for Aggie square I was looking at losing everything that I had worked so hard for, including my job. At times, it seemed bleak, but I didn’t want to give up. We pushed forward for our patients, our families, and the community! It feels great to have won everything we set out to win!” – Jasmine Tobin, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant


This victory once again proves: When we fight, we win!