How bad does a policy have to be when both Unions and the Right agree it must end?  Yesterday I reported that the Left and Right agreed that the Bay Area Regional government plan was bad for jobs, people and the community—it was authoritarian in nature—people were allowed to be heard—the Regional government did not listen.

Now we have the UC system being whipped saw by the Left and Right—the cause this time is payoffs to high priced administrators in the UC system when they decide to retire.

The pay and the pension system at the UC’s must be reformed—on that the Unions and Right agree.

“According to the AP, as of May 2012, there were 2,129 UC retirees drawing annual pensions of more than $100,000 — 57 exceeding $200,000 and three with pensions greater than $300,000. Many more will soon follow. Approximately 22,000 of the system’s nearly 200,000 employees receive salaries in excess of the new state pension cap. In 2011, almost 7,000 UC employees received bigger paychecks than Brown, and almost 600 received bigger paychecks than President Barack Obama.”