From UC Davis to UC San Diego, 3299 members took to the street to tell UC no cuts to our families, our students or our patients!

After months of negotiations, UC workers are fed up with UC’s appalling position at the bargaining table:

  • Refusing to guarantee our ATB raises and retro for patient care workers
  • Wants workers to lock in pension contribution rates but refuses to do the same
  • Forcing huge premium increases onto workers who had to stay with HealthNet because of serious illness with no UC assistance
  • Risking families going into poverty by not agreeing that pension contributions will not push salaries below our contractual minimum wage
  • Wants to bargaining pension benefit changes piece by piece instead of in our full contract negotiations when we can look at the whole package when making these important decisions
  • Keep 100 long-term UC Irvine custodians outsourced without the same benefits as other UC workers.

We will not accept these disrespectful proposals!


Our actions show UC we will keep fighting for our raises & protection of our benefits!


Next Steps:

Massive actions first week of June!
Contact your MAT Leader for more information on our next action!




“If UC wants a fight, we’ll give ‘em a fight!”
-Arnold Meza, UC Berkeley Bargaining Team Member


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