The Democratic National Committee has joined a labor union boycott against the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and will no longer be holding the 6th Democratic presidential debate at the university in December.

“In response to concerns raised by the local organized labor community in Los Angeles, we have asked our media partners to seek an alternative site for the December debate,” announced DNC senior adviser Mary Beth Cahill in a statement, Wednesday, after University of California union AFSCME 3299 called on Democratic candidates to join the boycott.

AFSCME 3299 executive director Liz Perlman stated, “What we’re doing is asking for the candidates who are coming to UCLA’s campus to honor the three-year boycott that we’ve had in place for any speaker attending any event on any of the university’s campuses to stand in solidarity with the workers and essentially to not lend their name and credibility to the university that’s treating workers like this.”

After announcing that UCLA would be the location of December’s debate on October 29th, the university issued an update on Wednesday, blaming the DNC’s withdrawal on “renewed and unanticipated objections from organized labor.”

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