Bargaining Update #6 – May 2, 2011


Thousands of AFSCME members have said they will fight to stop UC’s planned pension benefit cuts, especially lower benefits for new workers (two-tier) and cuts to our retiree health care benefits. According to the survey, more than 77% are willing to do whatever it takes to protect retirement with dignity.

April 26: Bargaining Team Demands Guarantees from UC

AFSCME’s eleven member bargaining team demanded UC keep their promises to patient care and service workers by guaranteeing our 3% across the board (ATB) raise for PCT and Service workers. Our team also proposed to postpone negotiations on key pension benefit changes to our full contract negotiations, so we can look at our whole package when making these important decisions.

  UC Proposal AFSCME Proposal
3% Across the Board Increases for 2011 – Reduce the PCT raise to 1.5%, no back pay.
– UC has the right to withhold PCT and Service raises, even if we agree to increased healthcare premiums and pension contributions.
– PCT must receive full 3% raise, including retro compensation to January 2011.
– UC must lock in our PCT and Service ATB raise for 2011 – no exceptions!
Healthcare – Major increases to HealthNet premiums. – UC must create a fund to help workers afford HealthNet if the employee can’t switch health plans because of a serious illness.
Employee Pension Contribution – Increase employee pension contributions from 2% to 5% (1.5% on 7/1/11 & 1.5% 7/1/12). – UC must lock in our across the board (ATB) raises – no exceptions!
– Pension contributions cannot force worker salaries below contractual minimum wage.
UC’s PensionContribution – UC said they will contribute double what we do. – UC must guarantee in writing they will contribute at least double what employees contribute.
2-tier Pension, Retiree Healthcare – No official proposal on these yet, but UC wants to retain their right re-open our wages when they propose this. – UC must bargain changes in our next contract, not now.
-UC must agree to not re-open our Across the Board raises over this issue.
Sub-contracting – No official proposal yet but UC is discussing more sub-contracting to close state funding gap. – 100 outsourced UC Irvine custodians must be brought in as UC employees, with the same benefits as other UC workers.
– Establish a process that will help us better fight against subcontracting.

Members said they are willing to fight to protect our benefits — now UC needs to see it!




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