Official Bargaining Team Election Notice

Having a strong bargaining team is why we have strong contracts. Our bargaining team has a seat at the table with UC advocating for us. As 3299 members, we get to vote on who we want at that table confronting UC.

Nominations are complete, and it is now time to vote! Please keep in mind the following:

  • This election is an advisory process to inform our Executive Board’s final selection of our bargaining team (a committee of our Board), consistent with our Constitution.
  • The bargaining team includes a total of 23 members.
    • Two Patient Care members from each of the five medical centers,
    • One Service member from each of the 10 UC campuses/medical centers and LBNL,
  • The Patient Care Bargaining Unit Vice President, and the Service Bargaining Unit Vice President.
  • The highest vote-getter from each unit, will be forwarded to the Local 3299 Executive Board for final appointment.

Elections will begin across the state between Tuesday, June 6th –  Thursday, June 8th, 2023.

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Below are the nominees and their statements.


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EX/PCT Nominees 2023


Erin Peterson
Respiratory Therapist, UCD, PCT

As a bedside clinical patient care provider, I have seen the detrimental impact of intentional short staffing, outsourcing jobs, and increasing workload, which have led to the significant decrease in quality of care. The UC Davis and UC system’s actions have only worsened the burnout experienced by healthcare workers. Moreover, union employees are expected to cope with these challenges while management increases their bonuses. It is essential to unify as a bargaining union to negotiate fair wages, benefits, and working conditions to have a strong and collective voice in advocating for the rights of healthcare workers. If divided, healthcare workers will be vulnerable to exploitation and unfair treatment. By standing together, we can demand respect, protection, and compensation for the valuable work we do. Let’s work towards a common goal of securing a better future for ourselves and our families.

Kennard Harris
Pharmacy Tech, UCD, PCT

We need a great contract. A contract that provides what we need. I have been fighting for us on our Executive Board, strikes and actions. Now I’m here to help us all fight for a new contract. It’s not just me, it’s not just you, it’s all of us.

Leticia Garcia-Prado
Medical Assistant II, UCD, PCT

I would like the opportunity to join my AFSCME 3299 brothers and sisters in the combined PCT & Service team. Together we will proudly represent our members. I was able to be on the bargaining team that gave us steps and the $15 minimun. Along with your support, we will win 2 stronger contracts. We will take AFSCME 3299 to the next level. We can and we will!!


Alfredo Lopez

I want to have a voice at the table for our UC Irvine members. I will make sure our Local and statewide issues are addressed and that the University provides us with the contract we deserve. As a MAT Leader, I care for the well being of our members and I will make sure all of us are treated with dignity and respect. I am willing to fight until we win!

Teresa Ramos
Biller III, UCI, PCT

My name is Teresa Ramos and I am running for AFSCME 3299’s Bargaining Team. I am a Biller III at UC Irvine, and have been since 2015. I also serve on our Executive

Board as well our Political Committee since 2019. Prior to working UC Irvine, I was working as a Biller for another company. So I am actually of how important our contract is for us a a member. I worked at this other company for 8 years and this was not a union job. I am aware that having a strong contract is the difference between having fair wages and getting the respect we deserve from management and not. These are hard fought and I am looking for your support to fight for what we deserve.


Donyelle Rodney

I have been an employee of UCLA Ronald Reagan for over 25 years and an active member of AFSCME3299. As a former executive board member, I have participated in every strike that we have had. Currently, I serve as a MAT (Medical Assistant Team) leader, overseeing patient care on my floor and providing assistance to others. As a leader in our union, I am dedicated to representing our members and ensuring that their rights and benefits are protected. I look forward to working with our union leadership to achieve our goals and a positive impact on the lives of our members. In conclusion, my years of experience and dedication to our union make me the ideal candidate for this position. I am committed to fighting for our members’ rights and benefits and am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Jacob Creer
Hosp Lab Tech.3, UCLA, PCT

I feel that I can help my members through the process of being on the Local Bargaining Team. I do my best to listen to other members, and to hear them out on their needs, wants and dreams. I feel that I strive to be fair, hard working, and transparent. These qualities have led me

to being trusted, respected, and close to 3299 members everywhere I go. As such, I cherish and respect the faith that members place in me, and feel qualified to execute the role of a Bargainig Team member. I’ve made it clear to everyone that I can’t promise everything or anything other than my honesty and my efforts, and I intend on keeping that promise. Respectfully.


Brian Barton

Since I have started at UCSD I have been told many things by management and supervisors as fact and true. Many of these I would come to find out were not true or policy. I spent a lot of time angry and feeling like I was fighting a battle by myself with management, HR, payroll and more. I complained a lot and one day someone suggested going to the union. With the help of my union rep I learned a

lot and eventually became a MAT leader. I now freely pass information on to others so they do not have to struggle for answers as I had. Now I find myself with an opportunity to make a real change,right some wrongs and fix some problems with the UC system. There are so many things to fix with UC but little by little I will never stop improving this institution for generations that follow me. I dedicate the next 30 years to focusing on this fight. 32-99!

Isaac Zamora
Respiratory Therapist, UCSD, PCT

I just hit my 15 year anniversary with UCSD after three years of working the COVID pandemic. Workers at UC are undervalued, disrespected and exhausted. We have stepped up to serve our communities, only to have

UC disregard our safety and insult our intelligence. I’m running to give a loud voice to the essential workers who run this university. I have no patience for UC collecting massive profits, paying executives 500K raises and then claiming they don’t have enough money for our workers.

Jayson Zachery
Radiology Tech, UCSD, PCT

I have been working in Healthcare/Radiology for over 20 years. I started in Boston at Mass General, then Scripps in San Diego, and now UCSD. I have been a Rad Tech and a Lead Tech. I have also been a supervisor. I feel that my experience working on the front lines coupled with 5+ years of leadership/administration will provide useful insight. I am a staff/patient advocate, direct + outspoken. We feel that radiology hasn’t been fully represented in defining how much we do and why we deserve so much more! Happy to expand on all of this more. Thank you, Jayson Zachery.

Jonathan Kawi

I am interested in serving on the bargaining team for several reasons. firstly, I am passionate about advocating for workers’ rights and want to represent the interests of my fellow union members in negotiating better wages, benefits, and working conditions. Secondly, I believe that my negotiation, communication, and problem-solving skills will

bring value to the bargaining team. Additionally, I want to make a difference in our workplace and have a direct impact on the terms and conditions of our employement. Lastly, I am excited about the prospect of building relationships with my fellow union members and strengthening our organization.

Lawrence Scinta
Sr. Radiation Therapist, UCSD, PCT

My name is Lawrence Scinta. I have worked at UCSD over 14 years as a Sr. Radiation Therapist. Back in 2013 I was on the bargaining team. UCSD needs to step up and make things right for the members of AFSCME3299. Not only are salaries woefully behind other hospitals in the San Diego region, the rent is too damn high. How can we work here if we cannot afford to live here? The Front line workers and support staff deserve respect. This contract is critical. We need to hire staff everywhere and bring up wages. No more excuses UCSD.

Phillip D. Forde II
Emergency Trauma Tech, UCSD, PCT

My name is Phillip D. Forde II and I work as an Emergency Trauma Technician at UC San Diego Medical Center, Hillcrest campus. I realized, by working through the pandemic, that WE NEED CHANGE for all who provide services for patients in our hospital. UC regents have repeatedly shown their insensitivity towards the men and women who work tirelessly on the frontline despite many challenges they face. While others received shift incentives, shift bonuses, weekend differential, and many other lucrative wages, our AFSCME members were left to settle for long hours with no compensation while risking their health

as well as the health of their friends and families. I would like to advocate for these changes when I become a member of the 2023 AFSCME Local 3299 bargaining team.

Ruth Zolayvar
Inpatient Pharmacy Tech III, UCSD, PCT

I have been working for UCSD for 17 years. I am a strong fighter for worker’s rights, benefits, social justice for all ethnicity, gender, race, class and sexual orientation. It is another privilege and opportunity to represent our brothers and sisters, from our bargaining unit in San Diego who works even harder to provide for their families before and even more so after the pandemic standing strong to be the breadwinner of the family. I am always diligent in preparation, composed well my thoughts, participate in every bargaining session carrying the voices of our deserving workers of UCSD.


Agnes Bolos
Hospital Unit Service Coordinator, UCSF, PCT

I would like to continue to serve and fight for our members, so they can have great wage increases, healthy pension and affordable healthcare. If elected, this will

be my 3rd time to serve as a Bargaining Team Member. Like in the past two terms, I will fight hard to make UC accountable for all their decisions they will make and to be the voice of all our members and bargain for a fair contract. My name is Agnes Bolos, Hosipital Unit

Service Coordinator at 10CUT, for 21 yrs and also serve as AFSCME 3299 Recording Secretary. Thank you.

Bradley Kubota
Respiratory Therapist, UCSF, PCT

I want to advocate for the issues that UC had under appreciated. I have felt that UC has neglected to properly compensate many employees with a fair living wage. Too many people have been unable to keep up with the rising cost of inflations. I think we do also need to work on the proper night shift differential that aligns the sacrifices made to do shift work . Finally I believe that we need regulations that provide us the same protections as any other basic labor laws.

Michael Lawrence
Prn Radiologic Technologist, UCSF, PCT

My name is Michael Lawrence. I have worked at UCSF for 10+ years. I have been through 2 contracts and I have seen changes. AFSCME 3299 has fought for language, wages, benefits, respect to all front line workers. I have been part of the fight and I want to represent the fight during this next bargaining term. In Radiology, I am a

MAT leader and we have fought for equality, pay increase ladder and respect. All there different challenges have made me a stronger leader, teacher, learner, and fighter. That is why this new contract is important to me and my fellow coworkers. When we fight, we win! Thank you.

 SX Nominees 2023


Kat Bedford
Groundskeeper, LBNL, SX

Hello 3299! I’m a UC Employee at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the past 27 years. During my 27 years of service I have been an active member with my union, wearing many hats: MAT Leader Bargaining Team Executive Board currently on the Racial Justice Committee. I am proud to say I was part of the

Bargaining Team that won the step system. I understand the importance of having a voice for each and every member across the State, that’s one of the many reasons I’m running for the Bargaining Team. Local 3299 sisters and brothers’ welfare and rights for justice are VERY IMPORTANT! To me, I would like to continue my quest within this union representing our great union as part of the bargaining team, help me, help us make a change. “IN SOLIDARITY” Kat Bedford


Rodney Enis
Sr. Mail Processor, UCB, SX

It’s time to review our managers/supervisors.


Maria del Carmen Sandoval
Custodian, UCI, SX

I want to help in the fight for all my co-workers present and future to make sure we get a great contract. To make sure we are heard and to keep the union united, strong and informed I have the qualities and desire to win.

I have a long history with our union dating back to when I was a contracted out worker for ABM services. Our union was there every step of the way leading, empowering, and encouraging us to keep fighting was til we won!

Since i became a UCI employee eleven years ago I’ve been an active MAT to Lead the way to positive changes. I am now running for the Bargaining TEAM to continue my Leadership at a different Level and Help improve work standards for my sisters & Brothers STATEWIDE. Please support by voting for me! Thank you.

Miriam Canales
Custodian, UCI, SX

Hi, I’m Miriam Canales. I work at UCI campus, I’ve been a MAT since 2012. I used to be a contracted employee so I know perfectly well all the injustices that contracted employees experience. I don’t like injustices, I am passionate about serving and helping my colleagues. I like learning, researching new things and having new challenges. I would like to belong to the bargaining team because it is a new challenge for me where I could learn

new things. I want a fair contract with better benefits and salary that can help members and their families. I always say “he who does not serve to serve does not serve to live.” So you always have to serve with a good attitude and a friendly smile.


Nicolas Herrera
Groundskeeper, UCD, SX

I want to help in the fight for all my co-workers present and future to make sure we get a great contract. To make sure we are heard and to keep the union united, strong and informed I have the qualities and desire to win.


Davina Woods
Sr. Custodian, UCLA, SX

Hello, my name is Davina Woods and I have been an active member of AFSCME 3299 for 11 years, I have attended numerous strikes, rallys, delegations, actions, period. My reason for wanting a seat on the Bargaining Team is to bring about a change, strong voice to be heard and the voice of my coworkers. “The Struggle is Real”. It’s a privilege and an honor to sit on the bargaining Team once again to secure a fair, just and unbiased contract for my coworkers and myself. If given a chance, I know I will be a very valuable asset to the team.


Ramon Lopez
Groundskeeper, UCM, SX

I want to represent UC Merced and the union members to make sure our voices our heard. I want to make

sure the union voices our heard and we fight hard and get awarded what we deserve for our hard work and dedication to our jobs.


Jesus Hernandez
Senior Cook, UCR, SX

My name is Jesse Hernandez and I’m a senior cook. I have been an active union leader since 2000. I currently serve as a Executive Board member, MAT Captain, and Political Committee member. I understand how crucial for members to get a fair contract. UC workers struggle to afford our basic needs, to feed our families, pay our bills, and make rent. If elected, I will help us win a strong contract that enables us to support our families with dignity. We deserve respect!


Francisco Garcia
Sr. Lead Laborer, UCSB, SX

Francisco O Garcia, MAT Leader, MAT Captain, E Board member, Political Member, Delegate and help a lot with the workload that comes with organizing UCSB campus. I’m a leader you can count on I there for the members 24/7 it don’t matter what the problem might be we will find a solution. I participated in the last few months of the last bargaining team, I was always there till late night working/fighting with the Regents till they gave us what we deserve. In this new term if given the opportunity, I will work really hard aiming towards a better future for all AFSCME 3299 members. Si Se Puede!


Nicolas Gutierrez
Sr. Custodian, UCSC, SX

I, Nicolas Gutierrez, MAT Leader from the University of Santa Cruz. I have been a member of AFSCME Local 3299 for over 20 yrs. Within the years of being involved with the Union I have seen what this Union is capable of doing when we fight UC united as members.

Therefore, I want to be part of the Bargaining Team because I believe in the vision of our Local and I want to be the voice of the workers on campus to make sure

everyone is represented no matter what classification to win a great contract for workers and do it together with other members from other campuses.


Angie Mendoza
Sr. Custodian, UCSD, SX

Hello 3299 members. My name is Angie Mendoza, I have been here at UC Hillcrest for 34 years. During this time we have won many historical contracts. The important part of the bargaining is to make sure the the UC workers are happy and feel appreciated. I would like to stand and fight for our members during the upcoming contract.

There is so much to be done for the next contract. But I will use my expertise, knowledge and leadership to make sure we have another win. 1 day longer 1 day stronger.


Agnes Castro
Senior Custodian/PSA, UCSF, SX

I want to serve as a member of the 2023 AFSCME bargaining team because know the needs of our members. Based on my experiences for all almost 12 yrs as MAT Leader and Executive Board member my main goal is to “help and give assistance to all members and encourage them the leadership of power to support our local AFSCME 3299.

Jason Curd
Sr. Security, UCSF, SX

Hi, My name is Jason Curd. I have been a Senior Security Officer at UCSF for almost 6 years. I am interested in serving on the bargaining team to advocate the help improve my life and that of our members and their families. I am a father of an 11 year old with Autism, I know how to identify challenges and I have experience working though challenges for a positive outcome. Ihave been experiencing UC’s Greed for five years now, their unwillingness to pay us an wage we can live on in the Bay area has forced me to move 65 miles away to Stockton. Because of the long and the expense associated with the commute. I am forced to spend more time away from

my son which in return affects his development and our bond. Myself and my fiancee often sleep in our car when UC sleep rooms are not available. This is unacceptable and for these reasons I want to serve as a bargaining team member to advocate for members experiencing similar hardships like myself.