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Our MVP PEOPLE program allows us to have the necessary tools and elected leaders to hold UC accountable at the Capitol. This year, we are scoring big!



Senator Lara’s Requested Audit Confirms: UC is Dodging its Own Contracting Out Rules

This past week, state auditor Elaine Howle released her findings from a second scathing audit of the University of California. In the audit, she found:
1. UC had no explanation for its decision to displace full time employees with contract workers.
2. Many contractors were being paid less than the UC minimum wage policy.
3. UC couldn’t substantiate $109 million it claimed to have saved from contracting out.

The audit was requested by Senator Ricardo Lara, who was skeptical of UC’s claim that SB 574 would cost the university $80 million. The audit also disproved this claim. (Click here to read the audit.)

Also known as Equal Pay for Equal Work, SB 574 addresses UC’s misuse of contract workers and the negative effects it had on worker protections and wages. The bill requires UC to evaluate contractors compensation packages (benefits, wages, health care) when reviewing bids to outsource UC work. Currently, UC does not review compensation packages thus undercutting our wages and benefits.

Now, our political department is working hard to get SB 574 through the Assembly and onto the Governor’s desk by mid-September.

Let the Governor know that you support SB 574!

Reach out to your MAT leader or Organizer to fill out a postcard in support of SB 574. We’ll be delivering thousands of postcards from all across the state to the Governor.

ICYMI: UC to Pay Back OT Owed to Us

In December of 2015, AFSCME 3299 learned UC had been shortchanging thousands of workers of their hard earned overtime pay for years. Quickly, AFSCME 3299 filed a grievance and contacted the Department of Labor (DOL) demanding back pay.
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