UC Admits Intentionally Understaffing Us!

PCT began its first session of bargaining on October 12th & 13th. Rallying behind were hundreds of service workers, students, CNA, and UPTE members all across the state chanting: “What do we want? CONTRACT! When do we want it? NOW!”

We presented all our proposals to UC and reminded them of the critical work we do to serve patients and students. They admitted that it’s us that make UC great, but went on to propose takeaway after takeaway. They started the first PCT bargaining by proposing:

  • Emergency Layoffs
  • Emergency layoffs will give UC the ability to call us off at any time without notice.
  • After hearing testimony from our members about the fatal risks of systematic, unsafe staffing levels, UC admits to have intentionally understaffed career positions because they can’t flex off career workers.
  • Benefit Increases
  • Unfreeze our healthcare costs and retirees benefits.
  • Risky 401(k)
  • UC proposed a pension opt-out for new employees which will defund our pension fund

United as one, our picket at each UC med center and campus sent UC a strong message: We will fight until we win a fair contract that puts our patients, students, and our families first.

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SB 574 Postcards Delivered!

On October 3rd, over 3,000 postcards were delivered to the desk of Governor Brown urging him to support equal pay for equal work by passing SB 574. Members and students from all across the state signed the postcard to show solidarity. The bill is still on the Governor’s desk awaiting his decision. Stay tune for more details.


3299 Victories

Here’s what our brothers & sisters have been up to on their home campus.


25 UCB Dinning Workers Secure Schedule

Twenty five UC Berkeley dinning department workers beat back summer layoffs, ensuring a stable income year round for themselves and their families.

“For the past 9 years, as soon as students would leave the dorm rooms, I would start applying for temp jobs just to make sure my family and I could keep a roof under our heads during the summer. This victory is a sigh of relief,” said Cesar Pizano, a SR Food Service Worker.

The dining department at UC Berkeley has a mixture of two types of schedules—9 months and 12 months. Those on the 9 month schedule are subject to layoffs during summer despite their seniority. To make matters worse, they do not qualify for unemployment during those three months, causing financial hardship.

The last 12 month position was created in 2008, and the twenty five members, all of whom were hired prior to, were never promoted into the schedule even though the department hired more staff.

Feeling disrespected, members spoke up, fought back, and despite management pushing back, never gave up. After multiple Labor Management Meetings, all twenty five members won a 12 month schedule.

“This victory shows that the road to win might be long, but we have to push to get what we deserve” said Cesar.

2017 Executive Board Nominees Booklet

The 2017 Executive Board Nominee Booklet has been mailed out. The booklet can also be accessed at the following links:

English Nominee Booklet

Folleto de Elecciones en Español


If you did not receive the booklet via the US Postal Service it is because 1) you have not provided a mailing address, or 2) your mailing address is not current.

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