There are a few well-known Activist leaders that are able to combine faith and activism smoothly and effectively. Walter Larios, a UCLA Custodian at the Santa Monica Hospital, is one of them. 

Originally from Honduras, Walter came here to America looking for a better life for himself and his daughter. Slowly, he’s been making that dream a reality.

Walter walks the hospital halls with compassion and conviction, not only for his faith in Christ but for his union as well, “The way I approach my faith and my passion for my union is through the scripture that each person is valuable and is important to God. Therefore we must treat each other with dignity and respect.” That’s why when someone new arrives at the hospital, Walter is quick to let them know that all the great benefits they just received were thanks to all workers surrounding them. He says that he not only lets them know this was something that was fought, but that there will come a time when they’ll also have to fight. He instills the fighting seed early on and ensures a sense of respect and community is cultivated.  

Walter has successfully organized his coworkers to great victories and has led numerous picket lines at Santa Monica Hospital. He feels being involved in improving each other’s lives is how he’s able to honor God. 

In the last few years, Walter has graduated from seminary school and is a pastor for a small church. He loves Barcelona Football club, but most importantly, uplifting his community.