Rosa is a fierce and humble member out of UC Irvine Medical Center. She’s a proud Executive Board member and MAT leader that during our last strike, she organized her entire department to go out on strike and shut it down! Trust is what she’s built around her and her coworkers know that she’s got their back.

And during this Pandemic Rosa’s values have not wavered. She has volunteered multiple times to work extra shifts to make sure patients are cared for. Rosa is proud to stand in the frontline no matter the risks involved.

Rosa’s commitment to our union’s goals and vision is relentless. Even in moments of great difficulty that have rocked her family, Rosa has never given up. In fact, we’ve seen how she is able to navigate through hard times and still manages to push forward. Rosa is a great example of a fighter for her family and our union.

Rosa Avalos is from El Salvador. She migrated to the US looking for a better future and opportunities for herself and her family and considers herself successful.  She’s a proud wife, military mom, and grandmother of three beautiful kids. Rosa also belongs to a community church based out of Los Angeles where she’s part of a program that visits the sick at the hospital to provide company, faith, and hope through their ministry.