This year, Local 3299 members have an opportunity to elect 23 member delegates to the 46th AFSCME International Convention in Philadelphia from July 9-15, 2022. As your elected representatives, Local 3299 delegates will vote on resolutions that shape the future of our International Union and the more than 1.6 million members across the nation.

Here are the results of this year’s nomination and who will be representing 3299 at this year’s International Convention!

Campus Name
UCSF Agnes Bolos
UCSB Alejandro Rodriguez
UCLA Andrew Martinez
UCLA MC Carmen Mezquita
UCLA Davina Woods
UCSF Donna McKindley-Rolling
UCSB Erasmo Garcia
UCSB Francisco Garcia
UCSF Jennifer Howard
UCR Jesus Hernandez
UCI Katherine Simpson
LBNL Kathreen Bedford
UCD Kennard Harris
UCSC Kevin Parks
UCI Leticia Loza
UCSD Linda Scott
UCI Monica De Leon
UCLA Nora Alvarez
UCB Rocio Rodriguez
UCB Rodney Enis
UCI Rosa E Avalos
UCSD Sarah Stedman
UCSB Serafin Diaz
UCI Teresa Ramos
UCD Thomas Patterson
UCI Veronica Ramos

If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]