By: Agnes Suarez 

Over the past few months we have all seen the news reports about the rise of hate crimes toward my community– Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AAPI.) One recent study showed hate crimes against the AAPI community have skyrocketed to 169% nationally. In my hometown of San Francisco, we’ve seen a 140% increase. 

Agnes is a HUSC at UCSF MedCenter. She is a 3299 Executive Board Member and the Chair for the API Committee.

Discrimination and violence against Asian Americans — much like our siblings in the Black & Latinx community–  is nothing new. It’s part of US history, enabled by the poison of white supremacy and the exploitation of our labor

We have a rich, and often untold, history of speaking up and pushing back. Did you know that Filipinos were the ones who organized the Delano Grape Strike of 1965?  That’s right! We started it before we linked arms with our Mexican sibling and began one of the most important strikes in American history. 

As members of 3299, we’re no strangers to picket lines and fighting back until we win. We represent and bring together workers and allies of every background in pursuit of justice. So for the month of May, which is AAPI Heritage month, we’ll be highlighting members who have picked up the torch and continue to push back against economic inequality in our workplace and violence in our communities. 

We look forward to shining a light on the contributions AAPI folks are making to 3299, UC, and the communities they are a part of.