We live in an era of renewed hatred and division as seen with laws enacted all over the country, including the recently enacted “Don’t Say Gay” laws in Florida. Due to today’s political climate and mainstreaming of intolerance and hatred, LGBTQ+ youth are “more likely to be bullied than straight cisgender youth” and a majority of LGTBQ+ youth admit to living in a non-LGBTQ+-affirming home.

Today marks the beginning of LGBTQ+ Pride Month and it is more important than ever that we acknowledge the rights, accomplishments, and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community. As we have worked with our LGBTQ+ siblings over the past half-century in securing the basic human rights we all deserve, there are well-funded hate groups and the politicians they financially support who are looking to roll back those rights in the name of “parental rights” and “American family values”. But we all know what the true names of these are: Hate, intolerance, bigotry.

Join us as we celebrate Pride this month by highlighting members who have fought for their rights (and the rights of their colleagues) for a more inclusive and tolerant society, both on and off-campus. We’ll also be providing resources for the LGBTQ+ community and places to go to take action so that we can all live in a tolerant and just society. Finally, join us as we reaffirm our union’s commitment to fighting for the fundamental and basic rights we are ALL entitled to. Happy Pride Month!