A Principle Radiological Technologist at UC San Francisco, Susan Williams joined AFSCME 3299 almost 15 years ago. Though she had been a part of different unions and collectives before coming to work at UC, nothing could prepare her for the level of loyalty and grit her new union family would show her.

Susan Williams, a MAT leader at UCSF, standing with her union siblings on the picket line.

The moment that sticks out to her the most was the week-long Service and Patient Care workers strike of 2008—a unified effort that resulted in historic wage gains and step increases. “Being out there every day and being able to see the different members of our union come together like that was great. It really showed me that being a part of this union family is about being a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Susan is now a MAT leader at UCSF MedClinic giving her the opportunity to help her union siblings and serve her community in a meaningful way. Susan is also a member of the AFSCME 3299 executive board, and can see throughout her journey as a member just how uniquely dedicated to diversity and inclusion it is. “You just don’t get that everywhere else in the world. 3299 is something special.”

Having lived in various different countries and cities throughout her life, Susan settled down in San Francisco 32 years ago and has called it home ever since. She considers herself a single mom to her two adult daughters, though she makes sure to give co-parenting credit to their two fathers. With her blended family and with deep roots in the LGBTQ+ community, Susan deeply appreciates the constant support she and her family have received from her local community and her union.