Born at UCSF Medical Center to two of its workers, Jenn Howard considers it a full circle moment to be working there today as a Principal X-Ray Technologist. Joining AFSCME 3299 in 2007, Jenn was initially overwhelmed by how involved everyone around her was in the union. But as time went on, she found herself getting increasingly involved as well. For the last five years Jenn has served as a MAT leader, helping to organize and stand up for her co-workers in enforcing our rights on the job.

Jenn Howard, a MAT leader and Principal X-Ray Technologist at UCSF, showing her 3299 pride.

Our last contract negotiation and the fight to stop UC from outsourcing our jobs left Jenn feeling especially connected to her union family. As workers from multiple UC unions stood on the picket line, she was inspired by how 3299 always stood out, in huge numbers that were louder than the rest and unrelenting from dawn until dark.  For Jenn, seeing so many workers from across campuses, job titles and every walk of life come together to fight for each other’s security was especially moving.

“It was incredibly powerful to see the strength and unity of AFSCME 3299 as a union, and as a family. I’ll never forget it.”

Outside of her union, Jenn enjoys exploring the world, often traveling to new and different places. This past year has made that much more difficult, and she has taken this time to explore her own native Bay Area, reconnecting with nature and those around her.

This Pride Month, she is especially proud of how 3299 represents the incredible diversity of California, and stands up for fair and equal treatment in the workplace. She is determined to use her position as a MAT leader to ensure every member is seen and valued at the workplace, and treated with the dignity and respect we all deserve.