Our union made important gains in this year’s state budget by securing language that requires UC to bargain with 3299 over access to all new hire orientations.  The new law, AB 119, grants 3299 access to information regarding new hires, and the right to bargain with UC over the amount of time at and the manner of access to new employee orientations.

  • Our proposal:

    (1) we have the right to meet with new employees for either an hour on paid time during new employee orientations, or for a one-hour individual meeting with new employees on paid time
    (2) UC has to give us 15 days’ notice of new employee orientations, and
    (3) MAT leaders can participate in new employee orientations and meetings on paid time.

  • UC’s proposal:

    (1) we can only meet with new employees at new employee orientation for 20 minutes, and do not have the right to have individual meetings with new employees on paid time,
    (2) UC only has to give us 10 days’ notice, and
    (3) no provision for MAT leaders to participate in meetings on paid time.

Unlike contract negotiations, AB 119 outlines that if parties do not reach an agreement within a specified timeline, an arbitrator can make the final determination of the type of access we obtain.

Catching new hires during their new hire orientations is key to maintaining our union strong and ensuring new workers learn their rights and benefits from their union!  We are determined to win the best process for new hires and will continue to keep everyone updated.