AFSCME Local 3299 is a democratic union that is run by and for members who work at the University of California. The Executive Board is our highest decision-making body and is elected every three (3) years.

The results of our 2023-2026 Executive Board Election are in.

The following positions were unopposed and won by acclamation:

  • President: Michael Avant
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Monica De Leon
  • Recording Secretary: Agnes Bolos
  • Vice President for Service: Enrique Rosas

The following campuses also had uncontested seats and therefore the nominees won by acclamation.

  • LBNL: Kat Bedford
  • UC LAW SF: Katey Mason
  • UCSC: Janet Mucino, Kevin Parks
  • UCSB: Francisco Garcia, Serafin Zamora
  • UCR: Dina Guerrero, Jesse Hernandez

The following positions and campuses went to an election and the winners received the majority votes:

  • Executive Vice President: Kathryn Lybarger

  • Vice President for Patient Care: Monica Martinez

  • UCB Board Members: Miguel Alvarez and Rodney Enis

  • UCD Board Members: Elrika Aritonang, Natisha Booker, Te’Ondra Browne, Elisa Escamilla, Debra Gutierrez, and Aaron Metcalf

  • UCI Board Members: Rosa Avalos, Edmar Duenas, Jose Gallardo, Leticia Loza, Maria Del Carmen Sandoval, and Fernando Serrato

  • UCLA Board Members: Christina Banuelos, Jacob Creer, Andrew Marinez, Rosalba Montoya, Oralia Palma, and Davina Woods

  • UCSD Board Members: Michael Ammons, Joyce Atioigue, Denise Barnes (Dixon), Linda Scott, Maritza Valdez, and Ruth Zolayvar

  • UCSF Board Members: Agnes Castro, James Clark, Michael Lawrence, Carmen Lee, Naomi Nakamura, and Susan Williams

Congratulations to those who will be serving on the 2023-2026 Executive Board!