to Demand UC Follow Our Contract and Provide 1% Equity Increase!




UC can afford it:

Medical Centers’ Income
Nearly Doubles
from Last Year

UC Med Centers reported net income just over $840 Million last year with UCSF accounting for almost $207 Million alone! This clearly is not about UC’s ability to pay but about holding them accountable to following our contract.

PCT Workers Storm CEO’s offices to Demand UC Follow Our Contract & Provide 1% Equity Increase!

Patient Care workers marched on CEO’s offices across the state Tuesday to deliver a clear message: “We fought hard in our last contract for market wages and won. Now it’s time to stop messing around, follow our contract, and give us our 1%!”

AFSCME Officers Demand that UCOP Provide 1% Equity Increases and Release Data

In a meeting with UCOP, 3299 officers echoed our message around the state demanding UC provide all PCT workers with the 1% equity increases. They also pushed UC to release the information we need to conduct our own study of our pension and retiree health care benefits, now!

No More Delays, It’s Time To Follow UCSF’s Example

UCSF members successfully pushed execs to agree to provide all PCT workers 1% equity, in light of increased pension and healthcare costs. It’s time for the rest of state to follow UCSF’s example and stop the delays.

Next Steps:

Patient Care workers are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure UC follows the contract and provides the 1% equity to all PCT workers. Contact your Member Action Team leader to get involved with the next action!