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Another victory for Richmond rent control against the California Apartment Association

Richmond – It has been another victory for rent control, just cause eviction protections, and the voters and renters of Richmond against the notorious meddling of the California Apartment Association (CAA). The CAA retaliated with a lawsuit against the City of Richmond after the voters and renters approved Measure L last November in a landslide victory.

How big money stole Richmond’s renters’ protections in less than a month

Sept. 3, 2015 – According to the Contra Costa Times, the California Apartment Association announced today that they collected over 7,000 signatures from Richmond residents to repeal renters’ protections. They need 4,100 valid signatures to turn in by Sept. 4. The signatures still need to be validated and turned in before they can be used.

City of Richmond passes rent control

By a 4-1 vote, the City of Richmond passed a rent control and just cause eviction law on Tuesday, July 21. This is a watershed moment for renters throughout the region and the state, as it’s the first new rent control law in California in decades.

Richmond Passes Rent Control

By a 4-1 vote, the City of Richmond passed a rent control law Tuesday night, prompting celebration among the broad coalition of tenants, labor allies, homeowners, and progressive community groups that packed the hearing chambers all night.

Early-Stage Gentrification: Richmond, California, Residents Push Back

While San Francisco gentrification has garnered ample national press coverage, there is one other Bay Area city experiencing a similar phenomenon – Richmond, California.

Guest commentary: How Richmond could become Baltimore or not

The protests that recently engulfed Baltimore have sparked a much needed debate about the systemic problems that plague too many American cities.

Going Global in Richmond? Coalition Seeks Benefits From New UC Berkeley Campus

Members of AFSCME Local 3299 who in live in Richmond, CA. and work for the University of California in Berkeley have an urgent message for their neighbors:

“When the university plans a major expansion in our city, we need to get all its promises in writing!’

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