What a Difference a Union Makes!

AFSCME 3299 is a STRONG union that delivers for UC workers.

From higher wages to secure benefits, paid leave and job security, we are making real progress.

The key to this success has been the growth in our union membership and the active participation of everyone we represent.And we have the ability to become even stronger, because many AFSCME 3299 represented UC workers are not yet members.

See what a difference a strong union makes and then fill out the form if you’d like to learn more about becoming a member (or if you are unsure of your membership status).


On Wages…

On Health Care…

On Paid Leave…


…A Strong Union Makes All the Difference

We can do more with your support. If you aren’t a member or aren’t sure of your membership status, fill out the form above and a representative will be in touch. (Note:  if you haven’t filled out a membership card like the one pictured to the left, then you are not yet a full union member). There is no additional cost to becoming a member, but plenty of benefits.

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