This year, Californians will head to the polls to elect officials who make decisions that impact UC, like the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the State Superintendent of Instruction, who are UC Regents.

UC Regents have the power to influence our contract fight, and with our fight heating up, it is now more important than ever that we register to vote and make sure our allies are in those seats come November 6th.

Your Political Action Committee has endorsed the following candidates because they have proven records of standing with working people and will support our fight for a just contract! 


Gavin Newsom



Ed Hernandez

Lieutenant Governor

Tony Thurmond

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Statewide Races

Seat AFSCME 3299 Endorsement
Governor Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor Ed Hernandez
Attorney General Xavier Becerra
Secretary of State Alex Padilla
Treasurer Fiona Ma
State Controller Betty Yee
Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara
Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond
United States Senate Kevin De Leon
State Board of Equalization, District 2 Malia Cohen
State Board of Equalization, District 3 Scott Svonkin

Ballot Proposition Endorsements

Below are the positions that we’ve taken with the best interest for California’s working people in mind.

Vote Propositions
Yes Proposition 1: Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018.
Yes Proposition 2: No Place Like Home Act of 2018.
Yes Proposition 3: Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply, etc.
Yes Proposition 8: Authorizes Regulation of Dialysis Clinics. Limits Charges.
Yes Proposition 10: Expands Locals’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Property.
Yes Proposition 12: Establishes New Standards for Confinement of Farm Animals.
State Legislative Recommendations
Seat District 3299’s Recommendation
State Senate 2 Michael McGuire
State Senate 6 Richard Pan
State Senate 12 Anna Caballero
State Senate 14 Melissa Hurtado
State Senate 16 Ruth Musser-Lopez
State Senate 18 Robert Hertzberg
State Senate 20 Connie M. Leyva
State Senate 22 Mike Eng
State Senate 24 Maria Elena Durazo
State Senate 26 Ben Allen
State Senate 28 Joy Silver
State Senate 30 Holly Mitchell
State Senate 32 Bob Archuleta
State Senate 34 Tom Umberg
State Senate 36 No recommendation
State Senate 38 Jeff Griffith
State Senate 40 Ben Hueso
State Assembly 1 No recommendation
State Assembly 2 Jim Wood
State Assembly 3 Dual: Jim Gallagher (R)/ Sonia Aery (D)
State Assembly 4 Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
State Assembly 5 Carla Jean Neal
State Assembly 6 Jackie Smith
State Assembly 7 Kevin McCarty
State Assembly 8 Ken Cooley
State Assembly 9 Jim Cooper
State Assembly 10 Marc Levine
State Assembly 11 No recommendation
State Assembly 12 Heath Flora
State Assembly 13 Susan Talamantes
State Assembly 14 Tim Grayson
State Assembly 15 Jovanka Beckles
State Assembly 16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
State Assembly 17 David Chiu
State Assembly 18 Rob Bonta
State Assembly 19 Phil Ting
State Assembly 20 Bill Quirk
State Assembly 21 Adam Gray
State Assembly 22 Kevin Mullin
State Assembly 23 Aileen Rizo
State Assembly 24 Marc Berman
State Assembly 25 Kansen Chu
State Assembly 26 Jose Sigala
State Assembly 27 Ash Kalra
State Assembly 28 Evan Low
State Assembly 29 Mark Stone
State Assembly 30 Robert Rivas
State Assembly 31 Joaquin Arambula
State Assembly 32 Rudy Salas
State Assembly 33 No recommendation
State Assembly 34 Nick Nicita
State Assembly 35 Bill Ostrander
State Assembly 36 No recommendation
State Assembly 37 Monique Limón
State Assembly 38 Christy Smith
State Assembly 39 Luz Maria Rivas
State Assembly 40 James Ramos
State Assembly 41 Chris Holden
State Assembly 42 No recommendation
State Assembly 43 Laura Friedman
State Assembly 44 Jacqui Irwin
State Assembly 45 Jesse Gabriel
State Assembly 46 Adrin Nazarian
State Assembly 47 Eloise Gómez Reyes
State Assembly 48 Blanca Rubio
State Assembly 49 Edwin Chau
State Assembly 50 Richard Bloom
State Assembly 51 Wendy Carrillo
State Assembly 52 Freddie Rodriguez
State Assembly 53 Miguel Santiago
State Assembly 54 Sydney Kamlager
State Assembly 56 Eduardo Garcia
State Assembly 57 Ian Charles Calderon
State Assembly 59 Reginald Jones-Sawyer
State Assembly 60 Sabrina Cervantes
State Assembly 61 Jose Medina
State Assembly 62 Autumn Burke
State Assembly 63 Anthony Rendon
State Assembly 64 Mike Gipson
State Assembly 65 Sharon Quirk-Silva
State Assembly 66 Al Muratsuchi
State Assembly 67 Michelle Singleton
State Assembly 68 No recommendation
State Assembly 69 Tom Daly
State Assembly 70 Patrick O’Donnell
State Assembly 71 James Ella
State Assembly 72 Josh Lowenthal
State Assembly 73 Scott Rhinehart
State Assembly 74 Cottie Petrie-Norris
State Assembly 75 Alan Geraci
State Assembly 76 Tasha Boerner-Horvath
State Assembly 77 Sunday Governor
State Assembly 78 Todd Gloria
State Assembly 79 Shirley Weber
State Assembly 80 Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher
Congressional Recommendations
Office District 3299’s Recommendation
U.S. House of Representatives 2 Jared Huffman
U.S. House of Representatives 3 John Garamendi
U.S. House of Representatives 5 Mike Thompson
U.S. House of Representatives 6 Doris Matsui
U.S. House of Representatives 9 Jack McNerney
U.S. House of Representatives 11 Mark DeSaulnier
U.S. House of Representatives 12 Nancy Pelosi
U.S. House of Representatives 13 Barbara Lee
U.S. House of Representatives 14 Jackie Speier
U.S. House of Representatives 15 Eric Swalwell
U.S. House of Representatives 17 Ro Khanna
U.S. House of Representatives 18 Ann Eshoo
U.S. House of Representatives 19 Zoe Lofgren
U.S. House of Representatives 21 TJ Cox
U.S. House of Representatives 24 Salud Carbajal
U.S. House of Representatives 26 Julia Brownley
U.S. House of Representatives 27 Judy Chu
U.S. House of Representatives 28 Adam Schiff
U.S. House of Representatives 29 Tony Cardenas
U.S. House of Representatives 30 Brad Sherman
U.S. House of Representatives 31 Pete Aguilar
U.S. House of Representatives 33 Ted Lieu
U.S. House of Representatives 34 Jimmy Gomez
U.S. House of Representatives 35 Norma Torres
U.S. House of Representatives 36 Raul Ruiz
U.S. House of Representatives 37 Karen Bass
Am I registered to vote?
Click here to check your voter registration status and where you’re registered.

What should I do if I have issues registering to vote?
Call the Secretary of State’s toll-free Voter Hotline at (800) 345-VOTE (8683) or contact your county elections office. For assistance in other languages, please refer to Contact Information.

Do I have to re-register to vote if I moved to a new address?
It depends how long it has been and where you moved. Click here for more information.

How do I find out what my legislative and congressional districts are?
You may contact your county elections official or refer to “Who Are My Representatives?


BY MAIL: If you have a mail-in ballot, you must send it in no later than June 5th for it to be counted, OR you can hand-deliver it to your polling place before it closes at 8:00 p.m

IN PERSON: Polls are open from 7am to 8pm. Click here to find your polling place.