Stop Layoffs at UC Irvine

Petition to UC Regents: Put Caregivers back to Work at UC Irvine Medical Center!

  • Dear UC Regents:

    We, the patients, student, frontline care workers, alumni, and community members of the University of California stand together today demand that you take action to reverse the recently announced elimination of 175 jobs at UC Irvine Medical Center—cuts that have eliminated nurses, technicians, and other experienced frontline health professionals that UCI needs to deliver top quality care to a growing number of patients.

    University of California Medical Centers are tax-exempt, public institutions that are serving the health needs of an ever-increasing number of Californians. They are already highly profitable enterprises that generated more than $650 million in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015—an increase of 33% over 2014. UC Irvine Medical Center is no exception to this trend, generating $70 million in profit from operations last year.

    UC Irvine’s recent job cuts reflect a pattern of misplaced priorities. Since 2010, UCI has grown its middle management ranks at four times the rate of the frontline professionals while Patient Care professionals report dangerous levels of under-staffing in their departments. These are trends that will only lead to more workplace injuries, more preventable medical mistakes, and will degrade the quality of care on which UC patients rely.

    For each of these reasons, we are calling on you to:

    • Reverse the layoffs and put all dedicated UCI Health caregivers back on the job.
    • Provide back pay and benefits for all laid off UCI Health workers.
    • Ensure proper Staffing at all UC campuses and Medical Centers.
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