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Health Care Workers Protest UC Irvine Staffing Cuts

LAKE FOREST, CA — Earlier this year, the layoff of nearly 200 hospital workers was put into motion with layoffs taking effect starting Nov. 7. On Thursday, approximately 300 UC Health Workers along with students and community leaders picketed those layoffs at UC Irvine Medical Center to demand a reversal of those staffing cuts.

Union rallies at UCI Medical Center over layoffs of health care workers

More than 250 marchers held signs reading “No layoffs” and chanted “Bring them back” even as the last of the 175 laid-off health care workers finished their final shifts last week.

Students and Service Workers Protest UC Employee Layoffs

Approximately 40 UCSD students and service workers marched in protest to the Chancellor’s complex on Tuesday, October 18 against the recently announced layoffs at the UC Irvine Medical Center. UC Irvine will be laying off 175 workers, 68 of whom are members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Commentary: UCI’s patients, and workers, deserve better

Since the Affordable Care Act came online, 20 million more Americans have access to healthcare, including a million more Californians.

For healthcare providers like UC Irvine Medical Center, this means more customers. In fact, according to its last financial report, UCIMC has seen substantial increases in both patient admissions and outpatient visits over the past year.

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