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UC tuition hikes? First justify your administrative bloat

The leaders of the University of California system — unsatisfied with funding provided by Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature and interested in ambitious new initiatives — are seeking significant tuition hikes.

Debate underway on CSU & UC tuition increase proposals; students protesting

Early skirmishes have begun already on tentative proposals to increase tuition at California’s two massive public university systems for the first time in six years.

With tuition heading up, state will audit UC president’s office

Spending at the University of California’s Oakland headquarters has nearly doubled in recent years, and official staff counts vary by nearly 500 people, depending on who’s doing the counting.

California public universities consider tuition hikes you can count on

The tuition freeze at California’s public universities is set this fall to stretch into its fifth year. But nothing lasts forever.

Tuition Hikes Delayed

Ongoing negotiations between UC President Janet Napolitano and Gov. Jerry Brown have resulted in an agreement that will cap UC resident tuition for the next two years and increase state allocations by 4 percent, or $120 million, over the next four years. In addition, out-of-state tuition will increase by 8 percent each year.

Plan to eliminate UC tuition hike wins unanimous approval from Senate committee

SACRAMENTO — All the talk in recent weeks about how to fix the University of California’s money woes and stave off a tuition hike has been between Gov. Jerry Brown and UC President Janet Napolitano.

Editorial: Student-Regent relations can be fixed with better communication

Everybody within arm’s reach of college knows about the issues surrounding the looming increase of UC tuition. The administration is trying its best to make everybody happy and still keep the UC in the black while students face the increase with varying levels of outrage and annoyance, having to pay off whatever they take out in loans.

UC denies violating state transparency law with tuition hike proposal

The University of California is denying claims made by a government report last week that it violated a state transparency law when it announced a tuition hike proposal in November.

Napolitano—“This Crap” Pays Your $570,000 Base Salary

If the director of a system dismisses the people that system is intended to serve, which is broken—the director, or the system?

Report finds UC not in compliance with tuition-increase notification procedures

A report released last week by the Legislative Analyst’s Office, or LAO, found that the university did not comply with certain provisions of state law related to the consultation of students before implementing a recent fee increase.

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