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With Bill Clinton event coming to Cal, UC caves to union demand

With labor threatening to throw up a picket line this week around former President Bill Clinton’s big student gathering at UC Berkeley, the cash-tight university agreed to spend millions of dollars to hire dozens of contract and part-time workers as full-time campus employees.

UC paid hedge funds top dollar for paltry returns

Even after the tripling of in-state tuition, substantial cuts to student services, employee pension reform, the infusion of Proposition 30 funds and a multiyear budget agreement that increases state funding, the University of California remains on unstable and uncertain financial footing.

UC investment plan seeks solutions to climate change

Years from now, 2015 will be understood as a pivotal year for climate policy in California, in the United States and at the United Nations’ upcoming climate meetings in Paris.

Why UC’s new ‘minimum wage’ falls short

There is a difference between acknowledging that a problem exists and solving the problem. Case in point is the University of California’s decision last month to enact a minimum wage that will apply to “many thousands” of its contract workers — custodians, landscapers, food service workers and others who do the same jobs as career UC workers, but are instead employed by private firms who profit from paying poverty wages with no benefits.

Brown, university president give few details on budget talks

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown and University of California President Janet Napolitano said Wednesday they are pleased with the progress they have made since they agreed to form an unusual “committee of two” to work out their differences over the university’s finances, but they provided no specifics about what their talks will mean for student admissions and tuition.

UC Berkeley envisions ‘global campus’ in Richmond

UC Berkeley is pushing an ambitious plan for a “global campus” — inviting public universities around the world, as well as tech and other companies, to set up shop up on 134 acres it owns in Richmond.

How to avoid stalemate on UC tuition

The UC regents’ approval of a 5 percent tuition increase for each of the next 5 years breaches a deal and directly challenges Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature to avert it by committing more money to the system.

Time for the UC system to cap high-end pensions

If you want to know what’s going on at the University of California’s taxpayer-subsidized hospitals, please do your own homework. You’ll find growing questions about patient safety and the system’s preparedness for the Affordable Care Act. You’ll see hundreds of thousands of dollars in government fines, dozens of routine safety violations, a million-dollar legal settlement stemming from patient neglect as well as a legislative audit of the system’s finances and staffing levels.

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