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UC tuition hikes? First justify your administrative bloat

The leaders of the University of California system — unsatisfied with funding provided by Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature and interested in ambitious new initiatives — are seeking significant tuition hikes.

UCSD’s most embarrassing fiasco

In the 51-year rise of UC San Diego to super-elite status among the nation’s research universities, probably nothing has been as significant an embarrassment as its loss over the past three months of the bulk of the important and prestigious nationwide Alzheimer’s disease research program that UCSD has managed since 1991.

UC won’t get Peevey party money

The University of California’s public policy school won’t be receiving money raised in its name at a farewell soiree last month for former California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey.

Revelations make case for ‘zero-based budgeting’ at UC

The University of California’s history of resisting close scrutiny of its fiscal practices has been justified as reflecting UC leaders’ determination to maintain independence from meddling politicians.

California governor begins last term with flourish

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — After winning re-election in a landslide, Gov. Jerry Brown will start his unprecedented fourth and final term with a flourish by promoting a legacy of fiscal stability while pioneering a bullet train to accommodate future generations of Californians seeking clean transportation.

Tuition tussle: Higher costs hurt diversity

Rising college costs have become a major concern for many, so the recent five-year, 28 percent tuition hike approved by the University of California Board of Regents was not well-received by students across the state.

Dan Walters: UC fight more over control than money

Last week, over Brown’s objections and at the behest of President Janet Napolitano, UC’s Board of Regents voted 14-7 to raise tuition by 5 percent a year over the next five years unless the state coughs up more support.

Wristbands help staff keep an eye on patients

The legacy of Thomas Vera, the 57-year-old man who wandered from his hospital bed on May 27 and fell to his death in a nearby canyon, can be seen today on the wrists of some current patients at UC San Diego Health System hospitals.


Health care workers at UC San Diego Medical Center and other University of California hospitals across the state moved one step closer to the picket line Tuesday, announcing they have authorized a strike but announcing no firm date when they would stop reporting for work.

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