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California universities vow to defy Trump on immigration

California’s public university systems are drawing a line in the sand with President-elect Donald Trump over his policies on illegal immigration, vowing not to cooperate with law enforcement officials who may seek to deport undocumented students on their campuses.

UC Davis’ Katehi gets $424,360 ‘parachute’ common for university presidents

After resigning Tuesday as UC Davis chancellor under a cloud of controversy, Linda P.B. Katehi will take advantage of a University of California perk that allows campus leaders to receive chancellor-level pay with few responsibilities for one year.

Union calls for reasonable reform at UC

As a widening scandal involving misuse of public funds and other ethical breaches by its top brass grips the University of California, The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board criticized UC’s largest employee union for advocating greater scrutiny of potential conflicts of interest at UC (“Let’s step back from UC Davis turmoil”; May 1). The board also criticized AFSCME Local 3299 for legislation that would encourage UC elites to stop squandering public funds on private contractors that exploit low-wage workers.

California’s Public Records Act intended to ensure openness, not provide excuses

Is it legitimate for a public institution to stall public record act requests in the heat of ongoing media coverage of a controversy?

Auditor: UC referrals show out-of-state students displace residents

Do qualified resident applicants to the University of California get turned away from their school of choice and referred to the campus at Merced because out-of-state students are taking their spots?

University of California funds generous home loans for faculty

When UC Berkeley law school professor Mark Gergen was considering a move from Texas in 2007, the biggest factor in his decision was the quality of the institution.

State auditor blasts University of California over tuition policy

The University of California did not sufficiently reduce its costs before turning to out-of-state and international students to increase revenues, the state auditor concluded in a new report released Tuesday.

Proposed pension limits will lead to UC’s decline

Despite decades of declining state funding and rising enrollments, the University of California has continued to deliver the highest quality of education for Californians. It was not the genius of its overpaid senior administrators that made this possible. It was the quality of its faculty that has maintained UC’s reputation as the best public university in the world.

California public universities consider tuition hikes you can count on

The tuition freeze at California’s public universities is set this fall to stretch into its fifth year. But nothing lasts forever.

How much more budget wizardry will we demand of UC?

It’s unclear in the short term where the University of California is magically going to put 5,000 more in-state undergraduates and 2,000 more graduate students.

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