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ALERT: Hundreds to Protest Layoffs at UC Irvine Today

Orange: As many as 300 UC Health Workers, Students and community leaders are expected to picket and rally at UC Irvine Medical Center today to demand that UCI reverse its recently announced staffing cuts–cuts that have already eliminated as many as 175 jobs and led to reductions in work time for many others. Thursday’s protest comes as new data shows dramatic increases in demand from UCI patients, and marks the second major UCI Hospital protest in as many months–and the first since the layoffs took effect on November 7th.

UC students rallying for worker rights march to Dirks’ residence, hop gate

Neither police presence nor rain could deter about 150 UC students from marching up the steps of University House on Sunday to rally for contracted workers’ rights.

California College Students, Educators March on Capitol Building (Video)

Higher education students and staff marched on the Capitol Building Thursday to express their frustrations with Governor Jerry Brown and UC President Janet Napolitano.

Unionized UC Berkeley workers rally against new pay calculations

The rally was organized by the union Teamsters Local 2010, with endorsements from the University Professional and Technical Employees, or UPTE, and the UC Student-Workers Union.

Unionists Join Rally In Richmond To Protect Environment & March To Chevron Refinery – [Video link]

Trade unionists and some labor contingents joined the environmental rally and march in Richmond to the Chevron refinery which has a history of explosions and contaminating the workers and people of Richmond.

Rally for Rest Periods at UCSD

After a year of bargaining for market rate on-call rates and a minimal 6 hour rest period, UCSD management still refuses to listen to workers regarding quality patient care and patient safety.

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