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ALERT: Hundreds to Protest Layoffs at UC Irvine Today

Orange: As many as 300 UC Health Workers, Students and community leaders are expected to picket and rally at UC Irvine Medical Center today to demand that UCI reverse its recently announced staffing cuts–cuts that have already eliminated as many as 175 jobs and led to reductions in work time for many others. Thursday’s protest comes as new data shows dramatic increases in demand from UCI patients, and marks the second major UCI Hospital protest in as many months–and the first since the layoffs took effect on November 7th.

Demonstrators sing in California Hall to protest UC Berkeley’s use of contract workers

Demonstrators performed a song and dance inside California Hall on Tuesday, calling out the administration for being “super cheap,” and marking the start of a new campaign for the campus to create more union jobs instead of hiring contract workers.

Editorial: Napolitano responsible for regaining student trust after protest comment

Last week, University of California President Janet Napolitano expressed an insultingly cavalier attitude toward student protesters at the UC Board of Regents meeting, endangering her already precarious relationship with a distrustful student body and toppling her carefully crafted image as a concerned and understanding administrator.

UC President Janet Napolitano calls protest ‘crap,’ later apologizes (Video)

SAN FRANCISCO — Janet Napolitano’s popularity took another nose-dive this week when a video surfaced of the UC president calling a raucous protest at a regents meeting “crap.”

UC Students Strip to Protest Tuition Hike; Brown, Univ. President Give Few Details on Budget Talks (Video)

University of California students protested tuition hikes at a UC regents meeting Tuesday, with some students, taking off their shirts and throwing fake money.

Brown, Napolitano vague about progress of their UC funding confab

Gov. Jerry Brown and UC President Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that they are making progress in their unusual two-person effort examining the spending and funding of UC but offered no concrete details on whether they are nearing a compromise on disagreements over possible tuition hikes.

Brown, university president give few details on budget talks

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown and University of California President Janet Napolitano said Wednesday they are pleased with the progress they have made since they agreed to form an unusual “committee of two” to work out their differences over the university’s finances, but they provided no specifics about what their talks will mean for student admissions and tuition.

UC tuition debate threatens its independence

As a former governor and cabinet secretary, Janet Napolitano came to the University of California with hefty political credentials many hoped she would wield in Sacramento as a champion for the state’s prestigious public research university. But the UC president’s play for more state money after years of deep budget cuts has put her and the 147-year old institution on the firing line.

Protest over tuition hikes shuts down UC Santa Cruz

All entrances to UC Santa Cruz were blocked Thursday morning by protesters as part of an ongoing demonstration against tuition hikes, and university officials were advising people not to come to campus.

Professors and Students Protest Low Wages

Members of the UCSD community rallied in solidarity with the Nationwide Adjunct Walkout and Day of Action in front of Geisel Library on Feb 25. The rally participants protested for higher pay and better job security for the increasing number of adjuncts — temporary, part-time professors — at colleges.

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