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ALERT: Hundreds to Protest Layoffs at UC Irvine Today

November 17, 2016

Orange: As many as 300 UC Health Workers, Students and community leaders are expected to picket and rally at UC Irvine Medical Center today to demand that UCI reverse its recently announced staffing cuts–cuts that have already eliminated as many as 175 jobs and led to reductions in work time for many others. Thursday’s protest comes as new data shows dramatic increases in demand from UCI patients, and marks the second major UCI Hospital protest in as many months–and the first since the layoffs took effect on November 7th.

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ADVISORY: Workers and Students to Protest UCI Staffing Cuts Tuesday

Orange: As many as 150 UC Health Workers, Students and others are expected a rally and picket at UC Irvine Medical Center Tuesday to protest recently announced staffing cuts.

RELEASE: UCSF to re-hire dozens of fired Immigrant Workers After Public Outcry

Oakland: Late yesterday, UCSF Medical Center and AFSCME Local 3299 reached an agreement for UCSF to hire 24 former Contract custodians at UCSF Medical Center. The workers, primarily Chinese immigrants who had been employed by former UCSF Contractor IMPEC Group for as long as four years, had been fired in 2015 after UCSF demanded that IMPEC cut their wages by almost 50% and the workers spoke up for better working conditions.

RELEASE: New 401k Benefits for UC Elites to Cost over $500 million, Assembly Panel votes to Block Plan

Oakland: A new University of California retirement plan that encourages UC’s highest paid employees to circumvent the cap on pensionable compensation (also known as the PEPRA cap) required by the Governor as part of a 2015 budget deal to boost state funding for UC will cost the university over $500 million over the next fifteen years, according to a new actuarial study.

STATEMENT:  Largest UC Union Comments on Scandal Involving UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

In the wake of serious allegations of conflict of interest and misuse of university funds by UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, Kathryn Lybarger, President of the UC System’s largest employee union–AFSCME Local 3299–has issued the following statement.

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