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Bargaining Update #1 (2007): Bargaining Begins August 2nd

AFSCME'S Team Submits Proposals, Prepares to Bargain:

In preparation for Bargaining, AFSCME's Bargaining and Member Action Teams (MAT) collected surveys from thousands of members. After comparing UC Medical Centers and Campuses to comparator institutions, we submitted proposals to Management, which will bring us in line with workers doing the same work.

Our proposals include: Longevity Step Pay System, Pension Protection, No Healthcare Increases Mid-Contract, Overtime After Shift, No Mandatory Overtime, Seniority Rights, Internal Promotions, Call Pay, Protections Against Contracting Out, Career Ladders, No Short Staffing, and No Parking Increases.

Our proposals require UC to treat us with the same respect shown to hospital workers at Kaiser, CHW, and Sutter, and Community College workers throughout the state. UC workers, and our patients and students, deserve no less!

Our team will begin meeting with UC Management on August 2, at the UC Davis Medical Center. For a copy of our Bargaining proposals, contact your MAT leader or Bargaining Team member, or call 888-856-3299.

UC Management Hires P.R. Firm to Spin their Misplaced Priorities

Management has hired Hill & Knowlton, a multi-million dollar public relations firm, to spin their message about our negotiations. Hill & Knowlton has a clear track record of confusing the public on matters of health care, the environment, and corporate accountability. Hill & Knowlton's major clients include the Tobacco Industry (since 1954), the Asbestos and Lead Industries, the Oil Industry, Walmart, and Enron.

UC's contracting of Hill & Knowlton has raised serious questions with Legislators and community leaders: UC should be spending its money on patients and students, not unethical PR firms!

Beware: UC Management may use Hill and Knowlton to spin their message to workers, not just the public. If you hear confusing things from management during bargaining, check with your MAT Leader to make sure you have the correct information.

MAT Team Prepares Communication and Mobilization Network

Hundreds of MAT leaders throughout the state are preparing our Contract Campaign to support the Bargaining Team. During Bargaining, MAT leaders will communicate between the Bargaining Team and AFSCME workers, in order to make sure everyone has the correct information about what is happening in bargaining. MAT leaders will also be in charge of mobilizing our 20,000 AFSCME members in support of our demands.

To get involved in the MAT Team and help your coworkers win a fair contract, please call 888-856-3299.

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